We have helped thousands of people word-wide to achieve getting in touch with the higher powers of their consciousness, to live their dreams, to become their higher potential.

Whether it was weight loss, manifesting money, daring to become a speaker, moving to the island of their dreams, living near by dolphins, getting the publishing contract for their book for the amount of money they had hoped for, improving their love life, having all the money but having to regain the dear family bonds, whether it was children who were at risk, near drop out, finding their mission in life, we have seen so many amazing transformations, that we hope you will join us in the quest to strengthening the power of your subconscious and superconscious mind and soul!

On this page you can find some coaches that can assist you in the study of the LFV Self-Study course. You can contact them via Email first and then arrange your phone session via telephone or skype with our coach.

Of course you can follow LFV Self-study or the LFV-Online course completely on your own. However some people like myself, perform better when working with another person, such as a coach.


Telephone or SKYPE Coaching with ILONA SELKE


One Hour LFV-Coaching Session with Ilona Selke

  $80 USD



5 LFV-COACHING SESSIONS @ 1 hr each, to accompany you on your LFV-ONLINE COURSE

$400 USD


One Session for the TRACKING METHOD. A session may last 75 - 90 minutes

$100 USD

Telephone: +13603875713

Skypename: ilonaselke


I can personally vouch for the change within me. Before staring the LFV course I had very little self esteem and was overweight.
As soon as I did the home study course I started to change the way I thought of myself. I have lost 28 lb. since Christmas and I am now the size I was in my 20's (I'm 56 years old). Carol Wyn Williams Australia
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Interview with Dr. Rod Newton by Ilona Selke


Here's a video onHow the LFV APP helps you balance your spiritual and daily life!


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