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Alin Learns to Use His Imagination

Readers in Germany and the US have hailed this children's book as one of their main staples to a fulfilled life! YES, you read that right. Embedded in this story is a therapeutic technique that will help create amazing changes in emotions, behavior and real life experiences in adults and children alike I especially invite anyone working with clients, children and people in a therapeutic manner to...

  • Soft Cover: including a CD with four guided imagery exercises - $19.95
  • Hard Cover: including a CD with four guided imagery exercises - $24.95

Soft Cover
$19.95 USD

Hard Cover
$24.95 USD

Dolphins, Love and Destiny

This amazing, spellbinding book, draws the reader to enter higher realms of consciousness, to easier understand the greater capacity of Soul Love. Assisting the reader in understanding the quantum dimensions of fate and free will, this vibrantly written true story demonstrates how we can increase the higher power of our ability to surf the Time-Space matrix. The book's story is crossing age old...

$19.95 USD

Wisdom of the Dolphins

Wisdom of the Dolphins is an astounding and inspiring real-life story into the nature of the holographic universe, dolphins and humanity. A vista of possibilities opens as Ilona Selke takes us through the doorway of the imagination into creating time-shifts and global healing events. She demonstrates how our imagination makes miracles happen and how we can move through emotional and mental blockages to manifest our hopes and dreams daily with ease. Not only does this inspiring story bring hope to humanity, but it also teaches practical steps to access the holographic universe and make changes in the external reality. This book is a unique quantum adventure into the lives of dolphins, telepathy and miracles. It uplifts and inspires the reader to live a fulfilled life. It has been on the market internationally since 1996. The power of the mind, telepathy, and the expansive world of the dolphins is revealed in an easy to understand, exciting real life adventure that will keep you inspired and entertained.

$17.95 USD

Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions

The best and most complete introduction about the SE-5 1000 and Radionicsis in the book Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions by Don Paris Ph.D. People often tell us that they couldn't put the book down and read it all night. Welcome to the Future! To go to the website and get your FREE PDF version of the book Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions by Don Paris Ph.D....

$15.95 USD

Living From Vision Book

Did you ever wish for a manual on how to manifest your dreams, goals and wishes. Did you ever long to have someone by your side that could teach you step by step how to miraculously shift time and space, to discover your purpose in your life, and to live your calling?

What the Living from Vision course can do for you, and what it has done for so many people around the globe since 1989 is vividly described in this book.

Manifestation skills are trainable. Actually the ability to manifest accurately is what we are learning through the school of hard-knocks. Happiness in our life is the magical by-product when we live according to the inherent natural laws of the universe.

When we put our foot on the path of awakening to our higher purpose, to our higher abilities, we start to become the expression of the Cosmic Human. We can move from being dominated by fate, to living from higher vision, no longer re-acting to what life hands us.

Doing the Living From Vision course we learn how to create as if by magic, living as the active dreamer, expanding our ability to love and to spread more light into our lives. These proven methods will help you take your next step in order to manifest your goals and dreams.

$12.95 USD


I just finished my 5-Week "Living from Vision" Online course and it was really fantastic! I rarely had so much fun and always was so much looking forward to the next exercises.
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